Sambalpuri Sarees

What Is Sambalpuri Saree

Sambalpuri Sarees or ‘Bandha’ Sarees of Odisha do not come only from present-day Sambalpur, rather are woven in Bargarh, Sonepur, Barpalli all being parts of erstwhile undivided Sambalpur.

One of the most popular weaves in Odisha is the ‘ikat’ or the ‘bandha’ style. 

In the ‘single’ ikat, either the warp or weft thread is dyed while in the ‘double’ ikat, both the warp and weft are dyed before weaving. According to historians, it is part of the State’s historical link with Indonesia. 

The unique feature of this 'bandha' or ikat designing technique is that the sambalpuri silk saree design is reflected almost identically on both the side of the fabric.

Different names for Sambalpuri sarees

design are given, depending upon the varied designs, techniques and the place of origin. 

Sambalpuri Saree is part of the elite saree collections in Indian handloom.

Hand-woven creativity, the Sambalpuri cotton saree is a reflection of Odisha's rich culture, heritage, traditional roots and of course it's artistic intricacy.

The graceful illustration of the culture and heritage of the past with contemporary styling, the Sambalpuri saree will transform any woman into a confident, smart and fashionable personality.

Here is some sambalpuri saree images


The famous hand-woven Sambalpuri comes in different designs, each with its stand-out quality. Eye-catching and stylish, each of the weaves is characteristic of the rich heritage and culture of the region of origin.

Type Of Sambalpuri Saree 

Available in a variety of sambalpuri saree design, patterns and fabric, one can choose between the sambalpuri silk saree   

sambalpuri cotton saree, sambalpuri Pata saree, sambalpuri Bomkai saree, sambalpuri Ikat saree and sambalpuri Pasapalli saree to make a lasting impression.


Popularly the Bandhkala saree is known as Bichitrapuri saree in the lands of Odisha. Padmashree Dr.Krutartha Acharya has innovated this saree. He had set up Sambalpuri Bastralay, a cooperative for Sambalpuri ikat weavers. 


Bichtrapuri incorporates the traditional motifs of Odisha (inspired by the Lord Jagannath folklore) like Shanka(shell), Chakra(wheel), Phula(flower) showing the symbolism, but the main highlight is the art of tie-dye art (BandhaKala). Checker body is the unique feature of this saree. Checks are either wide or thin. The border is either single or double. 


Another famous saree is the Passapalli saree. All chessboard checks are called Passapalli/saktapar. It is famous for its checked pattern in contrasting colours on the pallu. The check pattern is either small checks or broad checks. 

Sambalpuri sarees are available in both Sambalpuri Cotton Sarees and Sambalpuri Silk Sarees material. The most common and highly accepted Sambalpuri pattern is Passapalli. 

Both Sambalpuri and Pasapalli sarees have similar ikat dyeing but, both are different in their patterns and pallu designs.


The gorgeous weave has attained fame globally and has even been sported by many illustrious personalities from Late PM Indira Gandhi, Meera Shankar, Indian Ambassador to the USA, and so on.


Sambalpuri sarees with the beautifully woven motifs are considered as one of the elite collection of Indian Handloom. Each and every saree lover definitely possesses a Sambalpuri saree in her wardrobe for sure, either it’s passed through generations or own purchase.


A great salute to the weaver who has given all his experience thought and his passion to make six yards which are not only a handmade collection for the society but a great contribution from the family, generation after generation. 

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