About Us

India is a country with a rich heritage. This is reflected in its diversity of language, music, dance forms, monuments, handicrafts, etc.

The heritage of our handicrafts is dying because the artisans are finding it difficult to sustain themselves based on this activity alone and are migrating to different vocations.

Various state governments and the central government are promoting handicrafts from their regions, to keep alive their traditions and also to generate employment.

In the course of their employment with different companies, the promoters of this portal, found very talented artisans, producing excellent crafts, but earning less than daily wage unskilled labour.

This portal was born out of a desire to provide a marketing outlet to these artisans, at prices which would provide them a decent living, with assistance in modifying designs and improving the quality of products so as to appeal to end users and all with a profit motive so that all those associated with this initiative can pursue it as a career.

In the past few months many portals have come up providing a market to our traditional artisans, which is indeed a very good development and our initiative is a small drop in this resurgence.

We focus on ladies apparel hand woven by highly talented weavers from Orissa . We also bring to you products where artisans paint pattachitra and tribal art motifs on hand woven fabric.

This portal offers pleasurable browsing and unique shopping experience, showcasing products ordinarily not available elsewhere.