Woollen Pink Stole with Woven Temple Border

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Fabric : woolen Colour : Pink Measurements : Length (196cm) * Width (92cm) Wash Care : Dry Clean

Weaving Technique

Odisha Ikat is a kind of Ikat, a resist dyeing technique, originating from Indian state of Odisha. Also known as 'Bandha of Odisha'. Bandha can be defined as "A length of systematically arranged yarn, dyed according to a preconceived design in such a manner so as to enable a weaver to portray the design when the yarn is converted to a fabric through the process of weaving". A notable feature in this Ikat is that it depicts the same colourful design motif on both its front and back. No additional yarn is required to produce this effect.

Art Origin

Manipur has the highest number of handicrafts units and the highest number of craftspersons in the northeastern region of India. Manipur enjoys a distinct place amongst the Handloom Industry in India. In Manipur, handloom weaving is a household cottage industry with decentralized set-up and the loom is an integral part of their household furniture

Type: Stole

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